Let’s See What You GOT, Animal

Dave Grohl is a big time rock and roller who plays guitar and drums. Animal is a big time rock and roller who plays drums and also happens to be a Muppet.

And something has to give.



  1. I kind of want a Matchink tag.

    Ironically Grohl’s buddy Joshua Homme has stated that he’s always wanted Animal in his dream band. Instead he occasionally settles for Grohl in the studio or on tour.

  2. Cute?
    I have always loved Animal.
    I have watched it more than once.
    I have shown it to others.
    Must be cute!

  3. IMHO, the best classic drum battle was Animal vs. the late, great Buddy Rich. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJh9W3Gcpmo This was filmed in 1980, when Rich was 63.