Wombat Wednesday/ResQte Of The Week!

A combo post this time around! This Wommie Chubster was rescued from Woods Lake in Tasmania, according to this Mashable story. Wommie was struggling in the water and risked drowning!

Craig Wilson and his stepfather Bob Wilton were able to haul the Wommie into their boat and they returned to shore, where said Wommie beat a hasty retreat into the woods. Good on ya!

(Also see deets from The Advocate.)



  1. Bless those kind men for rescuing the little guy. Good luck, little wombat!

  2. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I love how in the first pic the net is smooshing his nose so he looks like “nerg.”

  3. Saving the world. One wombat at a time. YAY!

  4. Just wonderful. I love wombats.