Lunchtime In Belgrade

Of course, we all know Rule Of Cuteness #1: Putting a paw up is cute. (They do this repeatedly. Prosh.) We just got this email in from Vlad S., who says “This is something new. I was at Belgrade Zoo the other day…they have two white lion babies called Vuk and Elsa.”



  1. I want this job. I’ll work for free.

  2. Me too, debg. Where’s the line for applications?

  3. Smilla Snow says:

    *looks around*
    *sees no baby lions to bottle feed*

  4. I love the plump bellies.

  5. OMgoodness…I’m very close to have cute ooze out of my ears!

  6. mauderules says:

    Do I get credit for knowing that Vuk means “wolf?” Adorable in any language.

  7. This is so very very cute! I’ll bet the paw going up in the air is the cub trying to “knead” or “make biscuits” like baby kittens do – the kneading action is meant to be in the mother’s side to help the milk come out! I have seen many baby kittens doing this while bottle feeding.

  8. *slurp slurp slurp*…all they need now is a burp!

  9. megamissystar says:

    Work for free? I’ll see your work for free and pay them to let me work there!