There’s no way outta this one for Olivia, even if she is totally on point with RoC #32. Absolute 100% busted. The best part is at the very end, Wag Wag Wag.

From Erica M.



  1. Something tells me little Olivia will be forgiven! 😀 ( I know I would forgive her!)

  2. fkaWaldenPond says:

    I am still amazed (cuz me avoid use of mobile often) how people have the presence of mind to stop, whip out their phone to video as opposed to just going and seeing what is happening.

  3. That tail wag is the wag of the guilty. I’m familiar with that wag =-)

  4. Socalgirly 75 says:

    Did anyone else notice the food dish on the bed 🙂