Right. Go AWAY, Then!

[Must have speakers up for this one. Mandatory.]

So all we can figure is these two are having a bit of a spat, you see. (That’s what Lost At E Minor thinks, anyway.) The guy on the right is trying to make up to his girl on the left, and she’s not buying it. Or something like that. Looks like somebody’s gonna have to go and see Jared.

(Lost At E Minor FB.)

[*Note: Update 11:50am PT: You will NOT believe what’s coming up at 1pm PT. Just lettin’ ya know. -Ed.]



  1. I love how the one on the left always resumes such a proper position, hands folded, after shoving the other!

  2. 6ToedCatsRule says:

    Uh oh, someone got busted for making goo-goo eyes with the hussy in the next Eucalyptus tree.

  3. Stressfactor says:

    It kills me that Koalas sound cute even when they fight!

  4. it’s a fight between 2 demented Muppets

  5. sweeeeeeeeet!

  6. Oh for heaven’s sake, they both just want/need some cuddling.

    And serious Man of CO alert. Like Monkey Boy cute.

  7. eeeeEEEEEeeee.

  8. Alice Shortcake says:

    That’s the most demure fight I’ve ever seen.

  9. So that’s where Simon’s cat get their voiceovers!

  10. They even fight cute!

  11. I have never ever heard them make this noise before!

  12. Its like two Beakers fighting each other.

  13. Kar, LMAO! Too perfect!

  14. They are both male koalas – you can tell by the dark coloured scent gland on the chest. They’re probably fighting over territory or a female.

  15. grytlappar says:

    Is the one on the right younger perhaps? He doesn’t have that trumpety (omg, the best!) voice yet. 🙂 And doesn’t seem to have the “fighting” (squabbling) skills down. It reminds me a bit of the talking cats.