Headline THIS!

[*Update: 1pm PT: Lori C. totally nails the Charlie Brown Christmas reference from last night. Thanks everyone! -Ed.]

To quote The King, man: “There’s a whole lotta blorpin’ goin’ on.” Or..something. Anyway, this photo is from Jenni M., who says “Fat Cat Grace waiting for her belly rub.” Fair enough- after all, this is what cats do. Although “Fat” may be unduly harsh. How about…”Pleasantly Plump?” Write up your best header and we’ll post the best one about 1pm PT! Good luck!



  1. “Come On…You Know You Want It”

  2. Beeandcatty says:

    “Just fluff the floof and no one gets hurt.”

  3. “Our FATher, Full of Grace….”

  4. Smilla Snow says:

    That’s a full acre of floofy belly!

  5. Go ahead, Make My Day!

  6. Just stay still…they will never see me!

  7. Toborzgrrl says:

    “Why doncha come up and see me sometime?”

  8. “That’s it, come a little closer. . .closer. . .it’s not like I have any evil plans. . .”

  9. 😮 but tummy rub Tuesday’s are my job. 😉

  10. grytlappar says:

    [To quote Charlene Butterbean]: “I’m not fat, I’m FLOOFY.

  11. “Bellehbellehbellehbellehbellehbellehbelleh”

  12. “Soft kitty warm kitty little ball of fur;
    Happy kitty sleepy kitty purrr, purrr, purr”

  13. “You know how to snorgle, don’t you, Steve?”

  14. I don’t always beg for pets, but when I do, I do it blorp side up.

  15. crashnandicoot says:

    try to not get any lipstick on me!

  16. “Go on, I dare you”. Or some combination of double-dog dares and the like. I just ate lunch and my brain is taking a nap, so I had to do this without it.

  17. Emily S, your contribution made me snortlaff. Nicely done!

  18. Lady Grace displays her floof!

  19. Resistance is feline.

  20. Tony James says:

    “Mittens looked frantically around the room – where could she hide? The footsteps in the corridor outside grew louder and louder – she knew she had only seconds to conceal herself before Colonel K’yooq’umbuh returned and her mission to steal the plans for the Giant Red Dot Generator would be thwarted. Her pulse raced – no curtains to hide behind…no large furniture… finally her eyes lit upon the the luxurious sheepskin rug in front of the fireplace. Perhaps she could hide under that…”

    from “Secret Agent Mittens and the Case of the Peculiar Pickle” (Ian Fleming, Penguin Books, 1937)

  21. All I hear is “Sexy and I know it!” (by LMFAO)

  22. “Amazing Grace”

  23. “Do you like my Polar Bear costume?”

  24. Behold! I bring you tidings of great fluff!

  25. Dare to pet the belly – go ahead make my day!!!

  26. I’m Awaiting……….!

  27. “Come on; put ’em around me.”

  28. Draw me like one of your French cats.

  29. I want belly rubs, but only exactly 3, then I’ll bite you!

  30. Camouflage engaged: 8% complete. (the tail.)

  31. Paint me like your french floofs or “Becoming one with the rug: A treatise on floofy meditation”

  32. Fluffy is down for the count.

  33. Shannon Matthews says:

    “Say that to my face, fat shamer!”

  34. How did i miss the Headline THIS! for today? Oh whoa is me! “Farmer Bob’s experiments with sheeps and felines goes horribly wrong….or is it awesomely right?”

  35. nancy crabtree says:

    pull my finger. come on, I dare ya!!