Rats, It’s (Cyber) Monday!

“Submitted for your approval for the last day of Nosevember, (which just happens to be “Rats! It’s Monday!”), are three nosey little rattie girls peeking out from under their pink blankie atop the cage, looking to see what trouble they can get into next. Enjoy!” -Liz B.



  1. Beeandcatty says:

    Just what I needed to make Monday worthwhile–a trio of adorable, identical little rats. That one on the right looks like he’s still waking up!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing my little rattie girls with the world! 🙂
    – Liz B.

  3. Great way to start the week! Loff their silly little nosicles. 🙂

  4. Thank you so much Brinke and CuteOverload for sharing my little rattie girls with the world! 🙂
    – Liz B.

  5. So cute!
    My son had a rat (he was bought as a mouse, but he grew…) who used to drink tea from a teaspoon.

  6. I love the little ratties. Those ladies are precious!

  7. Whoa .. That’s not the “Rat Pack” I remember

    God I’m old .. LOL

  8. They are adorable! I especially love the view of their bellehs through the cage.
    @Liz – I’ve never known creatures that could get into more trouble more quickly without meaning to than ratties. They looking like they’re plotting something fantastic and no doubt it will also be cute!

  9. @Kristin
    They were lab assistants to Pinky 🙂
    Favorite activity was crawling up your robe sleeve and down your back, they loved that and digging in the houseplants 🙂

  10. So very cute. Wonder if they’d get along with my three guinea pigs! 🙂

  11. @Malinki – LOL! Such characters! My girls love to dig in the houseplants, too. I always know there’s been trouble when one of them shows up covered in dirt! 🙂