Milo On The Cat Pupwalk

Milo’s hoomin Angela C. wrote in to tell us about Milo’s latest Big Adventure! “Thursday night Milo was a Special Guest for the Strutt With Your Mutt fashion show at Purina Pawsway in Toronto. Milo was a natural on the catwalk and he had the crowd cheering loudly every time he was on stage. After the show fans were invited to a one-on-one meet & greet where they also had photos taken by a professional photographer. What a night!”





  1. Milo is sooooo cyute!

  2. Milo is such a good looking little darling! I bet the models fought over who would get to “strut” with him! He is ever so precious and sweet and patient!

  3. That IG is gorgeous!

  4. Not really fair for any pup to have to compete against Milo — he’s in a class by himself!