Maybe The Best Nosevember Shot….Ever?


“Is it too late to send in a photo of the most freckled nose on the planet? (NOPE. -Ed.) Because my darling Cassius owns it. And yes, he inherited his freckles from his mum.” -Vanessa S.



  1. Definitely the best nosevember shot!!! Just amazing!

  2. Heavens to marmalade! How did they fit so many freckles on one tiny nose? And there’s two different colors!

  3. Beautiful! How did you ever get that shot???

  4. Alice Shortcake says:

    *picks up pen to join the dots*

  5. Cat nose freckles are fickle, our rescue kitty had no freckles then at about 1 year old, she developed two black splotches!

  6. Tamara:
    It takes time to grow glorious spots!

  7. My Moose developed freckles over time too! I am a very freckly human, so I always just figured she took after me 😀 Cause, you know, that’s a thing!

  8. Yay, freckles!

  9. Fabulous photo, fabulous freckles!! A really great shot.

  10. Shaz aka Sharon says:

    Okay, he looks like he has more freckles, but I think Reilly’s cover more real estate…lol! Reilly’s developed over time, too; they were tiny pin pricks when I first adopted him. Cassius is pretty darn cute!

  11. My God… it’s full of stars!

  12. @stunbunny: Congratulations, I nominate you to join Oakley on the Wall of Punny Fame!!! OK. OK. technically it’s not a pun, but it’s still brilliant!! (err… did you get that? BRILLIANT? STARS? No? Oh well.)

  13. LOVE that spotty nosicle! Leopard-like spots are very in style these days. 😀

  14. You are so very kind to my little treasure! Cassius developed his freckles over time as well and he even has them on his little pink toebeans! I took this shot with a 50mm Macro lens.
    Marmalade Tabbies Rule!