End Of Nosevember Means…

…it’s time for Christmas photos! Do you have one like this one of Cody from last year? If you do, send it on over– we’d love to see it and maybe use it right here! (PRO Tip: Make it sharp and clear, and the larger the file size the better- just not so big it’ll kill Gmail.) Thank you and we can’t wait to see them!

~ ~ ~

“I’ve been a huge fan of Cute Overload since the day I emailed Cody’s puppy pictures to a friend who replied that Cody was as cute as anybody on C.O., and I should visit the site immediately, and submit a photo someday….which took me a while, but here it is. Just in case you don’t have enough photos in the category “pups humoring humans for a Christmas card shot,” here’s one of our girl Cody doing an awfully good job of it. She is a 3-year old lab mix. We’d love to see her on Cute Overload!” -Nora & Glenn.



  1. Doesn’t that ‘elf’ know this is the busy time of year ??
    Get up and start working .. Those packages don’t wrap themselves you know ..
    Oh wait .. yes they do with a little help of that Magic Gentlemen in the red jacket ..
    Find your sunbeam again, and go back to sleep ‘elf’

  2. Her expression is the BEST. 😀

  3. Beautiful tree, beautiful doggy with a cutie pie nose – perfect way to end Nosevember and head right into the Christmas season!

  4. What a great shot to kick off the season. Love the angle you took him at.