Only Two Days Left!

Today and tomorrow, and that’s EET for Nosevember- so keep those submissions coming! We’ve been posting them as fast as we can, and we’re leading off BUNDAY with some True Nosevember Disapproval. “This is a picture of my rabbit Zoef. I think he totally disapproves of Nosevember! I would love to see him on my favorite website!”

[*Note: “Zoef?” What’s the backstory there? -Ed.]



  1. Zoef means scowl in Hebrew

  2. Zoef is from Holland and in Dutch “Zoef” means something like “Whoosh”. But his name came from a famous Dutch tv series for children, where Zoef was a hare. But scowl is appropriate for this picture as well :).

  3. …and here I thought it was the sound you make when a bun kicks you in the chest with his back legs when you go in for a snuggle…

  4. Great name for a great bunny. I’d just like to hug him and hug him and hug him.

  5. Me too, I want to hug, squeeze and kiss his cute leetle face, which would probably cause more of a scowl.

  6. “You talkin ta me?!”