Hey Little Buddy!

He looks pretty innocent, does he not? Ah, but take a moment to read this email from Natalie B…..and ye shall nose the truth!

“This is Buddy (formerly known as Terror), our Yowser (Yorkie/Schnauzer mix), and his magnificent fluffular nose. He is made of curly fluff, loves cuddles and chewing up pretty much anything left at nose height (including without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing: apron strings, ball launchers, belt bags, dog brushes, egg cartons, garden canes, hoses, insoles, local papers, paint pots, phone handsets, pizza leaflets, scissors, shoes, shoelaces, toilet rolls, vests.)”



  1. Chomp chomp!

  2. lol…

  3. …and all with such a perfect “who me?” face.

  4. Buddy, Buddy…I know that face is what gets you forgiven for every naughty act! 😀