Caturday: GEM, Guardian Of The Fridge*

Tracey says “Hi Cute Overload. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. This is my kitty Gem (older sister of Tyson and Magnum) guarding the fridge and letting me know I don’t need any leftovers. You can use whatever caption you would like. Love your site.”

[*Note: My wife and I had a discussion about the proper abbreviation for “refrigerator.” She says it should be “Frig.” I found this online: “‘Fridge’ is a contraction of Frigidaire, one of the first and most popular refrigerator manufacturers. It just became a common slang word.”



  1. Okay, so Gem has a nicely folded blanket on top of the “frig”. Either Gem has thumbs, or maybe she spends a lot of time on top of the “frig”?

  2. Shaz aka Sharon says:

    It’s fridge. Frig has a hard G, as in, “What the frig?? The frigging fridge has a cat on it!”

  3. Frig? Was she kidding? Is she a non-native English speaker?

  4. You use the g sound,not the g sound.FRIG.

  5. Why no one comment on holstein pattern,smudge nose,and leopard spotted blanket accenting kitty cow’s fur?