Can SOMEone Get My Water Dish?

[What do I have to do, spell it out for you? Wait. I can’t spell. My tongue’s draggin’ here.]

~ ~ ~

“Enzo got offended that I nearly forgot to submit his nose this year. I don’t have any particularly Nosetacular Greyhound Photos this year, but here he is being cute anyway.” -Shubbe.



  1. Yes, Enzo is definitely cute 🙂

  2. I think that nose is nosetacular enough for any shot to qualify.

  3. as in Ferrari?

  4. THAT is an impressive tongue!!!

  5. He is, indeed, named after Enzo Ferrari! (With a nod to Uncle Enzo from Snowcrash. Not, though, from Art of Racing in the Rain, which I actually didn’t read until our Enzo was about a year old.)