TGIF! Starring Dobby

Welcome to TGIF, our weekly Friday 5pm PT feature. Many of you are off today, busy filling shopping carts full of beer makers and waffle irons- but it’s still Friday in any case, and we never miss a TGIF! Unless we do. This is Dobby, who made an appearance on this very website a couple of months back. “Hi Cute Overload – here are some more great pics of our min pin Dobby. Thank you for my daily dose of Cuteness that keeps me smiling, AJM, San Diego.”



  1. Adorbs! Bet he spends a lot of time at that window! (So happy to see undocked tail and ears, also.)

  2. Dobby is gorgeous! Looks to be full of personality, too! And yes, undocked ears and tail rock!

  3. He looks like Anubis!