NEW Maru: Why Does He Climb Up The Stepladder?

Well….because he CAN. Getting down is a different matter.



  1. It’s the perfect spot — up high to observe everything, and an open slot on top for the belleh to hang.

  2. Love The Circle!!! And there’s nothing cuter than the view of his chin when he looks up to gauge the location of the next rung. Then the final plop on top and just doing nothing… gotta love cats.

  3. I love me a dangler.


    It would be hard to leave him to go to work. I would be thinking about all the antics I would miss.

    Also, anyone else think it’s weird that Mugumogo has a house with wood ceilings, walls and well…basically every surface is wood. It looks like a ginormous sauna room.

  5. ❤ Good thing his human is there to help him get down XD

  6. So he can lord it over Hana.

  7. Once again, I marvel at MuguMogu’s ability to film without howling with laughter or, at least, without silently bobbing the camera up and down with suppressed guffawing.

  8. I love Maru’s cute little disgruntled face. The round one looks disgustipated and resigned – all at the same time.

  9. deft motif says:

    On top of Blorp mountain!!!

  10. King of the World – at least until his descent!