ResQte Of The Week (Thanksgiving Edition)

This little kitteh was rescued from a storm drain in Concord, CA.! We can ALL give thanks for that!





  1. Poor Baby…he looks so scared. 😦 Thank goodness there were awesome people available and willing to rescue him! Thank you to all the wonderful hero’s involved!! 🙂

  2. @Candis, I totally agree! I am so thankful for all those who go out of their way to help our little friends in need. May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. Tony James says:

    Can we institute a “Purrito” tag for instances like this?

  4. @Tony James, I second that!!! Purrito it’s perfect!! If I lived in CA, I would try to adopt this delightful Purrito.

  5. AWW 😦 Poor dear sweet little kitty 😦 If I lived in Concord, CA, I would adopt him/her in a minute 😀