“Hey Guys! Look What I Found!!”

[“They’ve got Cashew Clusters for Thanksgiving! Check out the bottom kitchen counter drawer by the refrigerator! Like we couldn’t find those!”]

~ ~ ~

“Hello! Took this pic of my Rescue Hamster Cashew…trying to run away with a Cashew Cluster. Even hamsters love Costco!” -Annie O.



  1. fkaWaldenPond says:

    Holy McFlufferson’s! I bet she smells like good ol’ cedar chips. 🙂

  2. He smells delicious! I love my Cashew. Such a sweet disposition he has.

  3. @Annieo Aww cashew is such a floofy boy 😀 My hamster Maggie got featured a few pages back “Maggie The Rednosed Hamster” 🙂

  4. She’s adorable @Mel!!!My other hamster Cora, looks just like her.

  5. Cashew is a cutie!