Celebrating Nosevember At Edgar’s Mission

According to the Edgar’s Mission FB page, it was one year ago today that the wonderfully-named Winifred P. Piglet arrived at their facility. As OZ gets ready to head into their summah down undah, see how Winnie keeps her cool.

Winifred P Piglet Guide to Keeping Cool this Summer! from Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary on Vimeo.



  1. mauderules says:

    She’s adorable and a fabulous role model.

  2. Bananabreadhead says:

    I love Edgar’s Mission’s mission statement — so logical. What a sweet and busy little piggy.

  3. Pure piggy bliss, and a perfect end to my day.

  4. What a darling little pig! My gramma used to say, “happy as a pig in a mud puddle!” I enjoyed seeing Winifred doing a ballet twirl or two before flopping into the water. And everyone knows that mud is great for a girl’s complexion!

  5. Winifred P. Piglet? Winnie Pig?

  6. Well, if Winifred doesn’t want that afghan, I could use one, it’s cold up here in OKC!