Not A Care In The World

Day after tomorrow, Charlie is going to get a BIG plate of turkey. He is clearly excited about this (above.) Below, he poses for a classic Nosevember shot.

“Hi! Here are 2 shots of Charlie’s glorious nose :).” -Raffaella & Charlie.


Did we just say "Not A Care In The World?" This one qualifies.



  1. Charlie kind of looks like a turkey in the first photo…

  2. Yes, he does have that “plucked and stuffed” look doesn’t he?

    On a serious note, I thought that you were supposed to keep the dogs away from turkey? Every year we get vague PSA’s about turkey skin, the bones, garlic, etc.

  3. fkaWaldenPond says:

    Peeps, I am going to do a slightly unlady-like version of that Beagle slide after my work year-end on December 14th. Thanks Beagler and Charlie for the inspirationshunns!

  4. Hi Brinke, thanks so much for sharing 😀 Charlie is enjoying his turkey-flavored treats and we wish everyone at Cute Overload & its readers a Happy Thanksgiving!