Happy Thanksgiving, Rufus!

Remember Rufus The Raccoon? He’s back for Thanksgiving…and he brought his appetite with him. Burp.

With thanks to Matt C.



  1. Sharon Wilson says:

    He’s all: “Can’t you tell I don’t WANT the hat!?”

  2. D’awww!! I love that little guy! Looks like a wonderful feast 🙂

  3. I like that he grabbed the camera at the end. “Give me that, I’ll eat that too”

  4. lovelydesigns4u2 says:

    Super adorable! Thanks for sharing and to the person feeding the cutie pies.

  5. What a spread !!!!! I’ll be right over…..

  6. As long as they stay out of the woodwork(attic,etc.) racoons rock!Here they use the storm sewer system as their personal underground express way,and it is always fun to see them pop in and out of the openings.If it they have little ones it is like a mini parade!

  7. avilajanssen901 says:

    AAAW! Giving wild animals sweet crap to eat. Should be illegal.

  8. richardhenryyarbo says:

    That racoon is a junk food junkie!!