Happy Anniversary, Big P!

Julie H. writes: “Dear C.O., I respectfully submit the delectable nose of Poncho. I thought this photo would be perfect for Tuesday because it is Nosevember and Tongue Out Tuesday.” (Tongue Out Tuesday? That’s a new one. -B.)

“And today is Poncho’s 1 year anniversary of coming to his new (and final) home. I adopted him from the shelter a year ago and he has brought us a lot of happiness, loyalty and surprises.
Adopt. P.S. You featured Poncho when he was adopted (Resqte Black Friday Edition.)”

[*Note: Rule of Cuteness #48: Tiny tongues are cute. -Ed.]



  1. Poncho’s nose in proportion to that tiny tongue just adds to the cuteness!

  2. Carol & the Kitties says:

    Also rule #13 – “Juicy” eyes and noses are cute!

  3. “Big P” is funny because he is a chihuahua!

    Thanks, CO!! Poncho is super excited to be on CO!

    BTW – to celebrate his anniversary, he peed in the house the other night. Just like when I first got him. 🙂

  4. Happy anniversary to all! Big P you look mahvelous dahling.

  5. Poncho is so adorable! I wish him and his family a happy Thanksgiving!