“Hi C.O., here’s a picture of Diego, our little tiger. He’s putting on a serious Toesday display in this picture, while engaging in some major relaxation. A few Rules Of Cuteness happening here too. #40Sleeping in a sunbeam is cute. #20Showing your paw pads is cute. #2Looking helpless is cute.” -Ashra K.



  1. @Ashra K is Diego a cream? He looks a lot like my childhood kitteh Tinker. Some major beanage there. I think they’d all just fit in my mouf at once.

  2. It’s a toe beans bouquet! I want to gently boop his nose.

  3. Diego’s a complete mutt, as far as we know. (We’re actually just fostering him and his brother, Sucio, for a year while his parents are out of the country.) They were strays found in Mexico and brought back to Canada. Sucio has completely different colouring – more Siamese-y looking, grey and white with blue eyes. https://www.instagram.com/ashkolhatkar/

  4. I’d be aiming for the Axis of Snorgle, myself–such a pretty guy.


    Oh, i just want to nibble those marmie toe beans!

  6. One can never have too many cat toes in one’s face!