The White Death Is Upon Us

Despite the fact that winter is not for another month (!)- it’s a fact that The White Death is here. And these doggehs don’t seem to mind one bit. Now where did I leave my mittens…


Cats just wanna have fu-un too. Wouldn’t count on seeing this too many times, though.



  1. Brrrr! Someone bring me a hot toddy and my heated socks, please.

  2. grytlappar says:

    That sledding cat is epic.

  3. Love the sledging cat! One of mine will ride in the wheelbarrow so I might try the sledging if we get snow … 😉

  4. Love the kitty going downhill! And so pleased that I’m not in this situation (yet).

  5. And I laughed until I cried at the goggies. They’re so silly and happy.

  6. Aw! so fun! that kitties name is Arty and he lives here in COlorado. everything is chill here. must be that funny smelling smoke everywhere.

  7. leannkaattari says:

    Cat’s all “Fine. Now come get me.”

  8. The doggie trying to get the frozen ball cracked me up! So much determination, so little result!

  9. BatBlaster says:

    I thought the white death was what i called a certain fungus.
    Evidentally some dogs can slide down the snow without needing a sled.

  10. richardhenryyarbo says:

    My fav part was the doggie trying to dislodge the frozen tennis ball too!

  11. I haven’t laughed that hard in a LONG time!