Segmented Neutrophil. Wait. What?

Can…CELLS be QTE? The answer to THAT is YES! (And this one is singing Harry Connick Jr.!)

image1 (1)

“So, I’m learning to be a vet tech, and a couple weeks ago in the lab portion of one of my classes we were looking at blood smears. Imagine my surprise when I came across this white blood cell (a Segmented Neutrophil) smiling at me! The red blood cells around it also make it look like it has a body! Photo credit goes to my friend Sarah I., who managed to get this shot of it.” -Lindsay.



  1. fkaWaldenPond says:

    Awww, if I saw that ‘peering’ back at me that would make my day. The little things, ya know?

  2. hmm .. A Whosit-Whatsit ?

  3. D’aw, what a happy surprise to see under your microscope, Lindsay! Good luck in your future career as a vet tech!

  4. @Doug A Segmented Neutrophil. It’s a type of White Blood Cell! (ALSO OH MY GOD MY SUBMISSION WAS POSTED I”M SO PROUD!)

  5. @Amyliz thanks for the good wishes! It was a very happy surprise and it offset that fact that it is an 8am lab. That pic has kept me (somewhat) sane now that I am heading into exams

  6. From someone who loved chemistry, I’m very pleased that this humble neutrophil was honored on Cute Overload.

  7. Kinda looks like he has one hand that he’s waving at you with too! Or is that too far?

  8. Giggles @Lindsay ,.. “Somewhat Sane” .. 😉

  9. Other sites might give you cute animals. NO other site would give you cute biology… ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES.