Headline THIS!

[*PUPDATE 1:05pm PT: Deckard Canine with our top headline! Thanks to all who wrote a headline! -Ed.]

We had a most excellent Friday Headline THIS to wrap up last week, so let’s kick off the holiday week with one more! This photo comes to us c/o Kimberly O. “I’d like to share this photo that my husband took today of our two dogs, Oscar and Macie, in their Super Pups costumes. We adopted Macie the day after her 6th birthday last Dec. 4 from a local rescue group.”

A ResQte, most excellent! Write up your best Super Headline and we’ll post the favorite at 1pm PT! Up, Up, and AWAY!



  1. ‘Cuz That’s How We Fly!

  2. Faster than a speeding squirrel, more powerful than a chew toy. It’s Super Puppies!

  3. It’s a dog, it’s a superhero, it’s… SuperQte to the rescue!

  4. It’s the Dynamic Duo, here to Save the Day!!!

  5. Up, pup, and away!

  6. “Leaping tall buildings in a single bound” practice

  7. Faster than a speeding bullet….fighting the never-ending battle for truth, justice and the American way!

  8. “C’mon, Krypto, when do we start flight practice!?”

  9. Powered by snacks!

  10. The Super Justice Avenging League of Super Pups!

  11. Jonathan Polley says:

    Here, the Super Pups demonstrate low altitude flight.

  12. @Deckard Canine: “Up, pup, and away!” Love it!

  13. Their Kryptonite? The vacuum cleaner!

  14. Fluff, Fluff and Away!!!

  15. Congrats, Deckard Canine! 😀

  16. I won?!