“OK Niko, You Got Your Photo…”

“…….now hand over the peanuts and no one gets hurt! Please?”


“I’m a long-time fan of Cute Overload but think you need a bit more European representation in the squirrel department. I think this photo I took is the best, but I’ll let you decide. It’s hard to tell whether the fuzziness is the focus or the fur!” -Niko.


  1. bunnylove50 says:

    It’s a bunny-squirrel! 🙂

  2. OMG! The adorable fuzzy ears!

  3. I love the little white chest! Why can’t WE have these adorable little devils in Connecticut?? Alll we have are our “rats with furry tails”!!

  4. A tuft act to follow in the cute competition

  5. Two words – ear tufts! You’re welcome.

  6. @Oakley and bunnylove50: thanks for starting my day with a huge smile and chuckle.
    And Niko, you’re right: we need more of your photos.

  7. Niko, we would welcome more pictures of the adorable little guys anytime!

  8. I was just minding my own business in the kitchen and .. SQUIRREL !

  9. lol tinki rilly nid to keep dis SQUIRREL a big meat wen its mature

  10. Rixraxmarie says:

    what kind of squirrel is this? Is this in England, where they have adorable red squirrels with tufty ears? (and gnomes)

  11. What a cutie! What kind of squirrel is it?

  12. Cynthia: It’s Eurasian red squirrel, a variety of “tree squirrel” (that’s the only place I’ve ever seen them). Way cute! Check out this little fattie (from Poland), heh: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_squirrel#/media/File:Squirrel_%2817026400639%29.jpg

  13. I used to have a whole family of them in my garden, babies included. I live in Belgium

  14. Ok that’s all I needed, moving to Europe now.

  15. Grytlappar, thanks for the link. I love squirrels of all kind and these guys are awesome.