Bunday Morning Comix

By Hilary Price as seen on Bored Panda.



  1. This is exactly what I, rather loudly, exclaimed (and woke the hubby): “HA!”

  2. “Heaving spot”—-so true!

  3. januaryfarmer says:

    Someone really did the research on this one. Totally correct.

  4. Some of this applies to dogs as well. Especially the grooming spot.

  5. Yep, spot on. She totally nailed it.

  6. Alice Shortcake says:

    The single bed map is so much simpler – it consists of the word MINE.

  7. This is so cute reminds me of my daughters Cat.

  8. Yep, especially the “heaving” spot.

  9. funny tho so real and true…..

  10. I LOVE it!!! 🙂