From Another Galaxy

“This is Galaxy. I found him on the street in Bucharest, Romania almost 4 weeks ago (on Monday). He grew up a lot faster than I imagined he would, but he is still the most amazing kitten I could have found on my way home.” -Diana.

[*NOTE: Rule of Cuteness #40: Sleeping in a sunbeam is cute.



  1. Susansquees says:

    The squintinks! The toebeans! The peeping tongue! The superfluous privacy tailio! The hugginks of the stuffie!! Gah! (klunk)

  2. is there a rule of cuteness for youg’uns holidng a stuff toy while snoozing? And this is an amazing, oranged-striped kitteh.

  3. Archer:”OMG,look at his little spots!”..

  4. Pink nose, pink toes – what a cutie!

  5. freetomato says:

    Lovely, lucky kitteh! Lucky hooman too. Many years of love and sunbeams to you both.

  6. Emmberrann says:

    Peenk toebeans! Peeenk!

  7. Eeeeeeeeeeek

    I ar deid from too much qte

  8. That’s a gorgeous picture. Best wishes to you and Galaxy, Diana.

  9. Diana, Galaxy is a very lucky kitty to have found someone to take such good care of him.

    P.S. – I am also ded from too much adorable pinkness!

  10. Izzy's Mom says:

    @prinsas, there def needs to be a rule about hugging a toy while snoozing

  11. Now that he’s found his human slave, he can let go of the tiny,helpless kitten thing and be the proud, gorgeous cat he was born to be. World domination is next!

  12. Squeeeee!!!!
    Cutest kitten ever!!!! Love the stuffed buddy, too.

  13. What a treasure you found on the street, Diana! I am so Galaxy now has a safe and loving home with you!

  14. hmmm tink dats kiity landed in ur own galaxy lol

  15. honeybunny says:

    Thank you for the love, guys. I will make sure to make Galaxy the happiest kitten in the Universe. ❤

  16. Mingles' Mommy says:

    He’s perfect!