Caturday Morning Baroo 2 U 2

Kitteh Baroos are very rare for the simple fact that they ARE cats. Cats do what they want, and they know when you want them to do a Baroo because they can read your mind. Again- because they ARE cats.

“This is our boy, Otto von Blanco (aka Mr. Pickle.) He’s deaf but loves watching and chittering at the squirrels in our yard. These pics were taken one morning when he was extra frustrated by one that refused to respect his authority. Backwards baroos are his speciality so photo #3 below is my fave.” -Rhonda O.




  1. Such a pretty cat! Love pic #3! 🙂

  2. Gorgeous boy!
    OT: how do you tell if a cat is deaf? i mean, seriously. It’s not like they pay attention to us anyway.

  3. White cats are genetically deaf.

  4. I just love your kitty! What a sweet little man. ❤

  5. Thanks everyone! White cats with blue eyes are generally deaf. He was a rescue and we tested all sorts of sounds when we brought him home to see if he really was. He’s very aware of vibrations though…..and a total cuddle bug.

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  7. He’s a precious kitty-hearing impaired or not:)

  8. Otto is a gorgeous boy. 🙂

  9. Generally is a good term. My all white longhair cat with blue eyes had acute hearing all her life.

  10. Whoa. The rare reverse, backwards, upflip baroo. The judges are impressed. Tens across the board!

  11. I have read that all white cats with 2 blue eyes are usually deaf.

  12. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I looked up actual data, and it turns out only 72% of white-furred, blue-eyed cats are deaf.