Caturday: Jurassic…Timo?

Without a doubt the cutest Dino we’ve ever seen. Nice suit, too.



  1. “What species is this?” “…it’s a velociragdoll.”

  2. @Ruth
    Jurassic Park would be so much cuter with Velociragdolls.

    Kitty was not as amused as I was. ^_^

  3. @Jendeyan 0:38 made me laugh way more than I probably should have xD
    And 0:57, they really do reach cheetah speed!

  4. sue george says:

    From the Purrasic era, clearly.

  5. Ragdolls have to be one of my most favorite breeds, and Timo is so awesome — every time I see one of his vids I think how they must have decorated the house to coordinate with Timo.

  6. This isn’t nice. For a start, cats hate being dressed up. Dogs don’t mind, but it distresses cats.