THIS JUST IN: Holiday Windows Now Open In SF

We mentioned it to you earlier today– and now the 29th annual Holiday Windows are up at the Union Square Macy’s in San Francisco. This was taken just moments ago- we’ll update this post if we get more images. All the windows are full of cute furballs that can be adopted on site! Here’s the window schedule.

Bonus!! Watch the kittehs and puppehs: LIVE!






  1. My kind of window-shopping!

  2. grytlappar says:

    And baby tabbies! I’ve always loved how they have that stripe going from the eyes; it’s like the side piece (temples) of eyeglasses.
    I have a feeling they’re gonna hafta swap out those kitties at least daily—those beauties won’t last long before being swept up! Those “reaching-out” kind of events seem super effective. My local small-ish pet store always has a kitty up for adoption (young/adult) who stays til they’re adopted, and they move really fast. Especially “tripods” or “pirate” cats it seems. 🙂 Better than the one-day adoption event I think, where people have to decide on the spot. [Sorry for the long post… But u know, tabbies, and resqtes. 🙂 ]

  3. I volunteer at this every year–it’s amazing how many pups and kittens the SF SPCA manages to get adopted every single year at these windows in one short month!