Headline THIS!

Time for a rare Friday version of Headline THIS! This photo of Charlie (L) and Pippa (R) -we think- comes from Kate R. Write up your best header and we’ll run our favorite at 1pm PT. Or thereabouts. Good luck!

[*UPDATE 1:00p PT: Marianne scores with her header- but there were a LOT of GREAT ones. Thanks to all! -Ed.]



  1. Hey! This is my spot!

  2. Cute dogs! I like them very much. I’m gonna take a dog from the orphanage in a couple of days. Everyone is invited to do the same. The orphanage is called “Mercy” and is situated in Washington Street.

  3. Jasper's Hoomin says:

    You got your chocolate in my peanut butter!

  4. Love you……Love you more!

  5. We better hide! The little hoomin wants to play connect the dots!

  6. Say WHAT!!!!!

  7. Which twin has the Toni?

  8. “Dahling, you look marvelous!”

  9. Just wanted to say that while the whole package of the pupsters is full of teh cute, I particularly love Pippa’s foot floofs!

  10. This spot’s not big enough for the both of us.

  11. I still think you need at least 3 for Twister.

  12. It’s like lookin’ in a mirror!

  13. the other Michelle says:

    I thought YOU dropped the kids at my mother’s house!

  14. I don’t know where you end and I begin.

  15. ‘Whatz yaz looking at?”

  16. Don’t look at me, I thought you were bringing the snacks

  17. thkoalafanfurimmer says:

    Paws off bud.

  18. Here’s looking at you kid.

  19. mirror, mirror on the wall?!!!

  20. wHat kind of dog? Dalmatian spots with springer spaniel or setter ears, head and feet. I’m stumped and amazed. And I want one.

  21. I told you those hot dogs would give you gas.

  22. No, that’s MY leg!

  23. The Two-Headed Octo-Dog Strikes Again!

  24. Pushme-Pullyou dog doing well.

  25. Is that mine or yours?

  26. Not a caption, but it reminds me of one of my old favorite corny jokes: “I’ve been seeing spots in front of my eyes.” “Have you seen a doctor?” “No–just spots.”

  27. Mischief Girl says:

    Pandamom, Chiefie (not Charlie) is a Setter mix. Pippa is a purebred English Setter. From, their Mom

  28. I TOLD you…we can’t play Twister without the mat!

  29. “I’m pretty sure you agreed to be my pillow for the day. Don’t even think about leaving!”

  30. @Mischief Girl Thanks for the clarification. As the dad to a pure bred English Setter (Jack) myself, I knew right away about Pippa, but I too was wondering about Chiefie. The ticking and feathered ears are all ES, but wasn’t sure if there was something else stirred into the pot. A couple of real beauties.

  31. The other Michelle’s is the best so far!!! Love it and it fits perfectly with the LOOK! 🙂

  32. Did you fart? Wasn’t me.

  33. I love you, too, but I’m not giving birth to 101 puppies

  34. “Do you smell that too?” “Yes, it is the time of the Great Baconing.”

  35. “You…you complete me.”

  36. New dog sitter this time….Cruella de Something or other….

  37. How many times do I have to tell you – I’m just not that in to you!

  38. Still a little tangledly . . . bot we both have our best profiles for the picture!

  39. “Did you fart?!” “The human did it.”

  40. …and I’ll raise you a ten-spot!

  41. Super late to the party, thought CO was going under.
    Friend had a Llewellin Setter that look much like the guy on the right. Not sure what the distinction is, but…