Friday Haiku: Franz Joseph (The European Hamster)

Little Hamster dude
Rummaging for nuts and stuff
Ready for winter?


Stefanie K. says “I have some pictures for you I took earlier this week at a hospital in Vienna. It might seem a little odd, but said hospital is well known for a population of wild European hamsters who live on the hospital grounds. They should be in hibernation by now, but I found a little fellow still out and about. Isn’t he cute? I called him Franz Joseph since he lives on the grounds of Emperor Franz Joseph Hospital.”



  1. European Joe
    Eat fast for your nice chill nap
    Winter, No eat him.

  2. I’d like to visit
    Sweet pictures with nice focus
    FJ be precious

  3. I would like to meet
    Adorable wild hammies
    For sharing some tea

  4. Big monster’s loud stomp
    Little hammie stops to look
    Whatev’ I eat noms

  5. Slow down, you crazy child
    You are so ambitious
    For a juvenile

  6. That’s where I want to live. Amongst the wild hamsters!

  7. Am I the only one that forgets that hamsters actually exist in the wild?

  8. Wild hamsters? The dream.
    Who knew such places were real?
    I want to go there.

  9. Austrian rodent
    Might be the second coming
    Of Wolfgang Mouseart

  10. Oakley is stealing
    Haiku pun master title
    You friend, are awesome

  11. Wild hammies in Europe came from Syria thanks to a biologist named Israel Aharoni, he took a few babies to Europe, they escaped and rest is history. The Arabic word for hamster translates to “Mr. Saddlebags”!!!!

  12. I had no idea there were wild hamsters. That’s the kind of great outdoors for me.

  13. Why are there no wild hamsters where I live? I demand an answer!

  14. E Z Reader says:

    Pix of the Great Hamster of Alsace, please! The GH of A is a real endagered animal and the French have legislation to require farmers to plant in ways that will help it to thrive. Love this guy too!

  15. The Wild European Hamsters.
    An excellent name
    for a rock band.