Flashback Friday: Tarawa Atoll, 1943

Arne found this on Imgur/Reddit. “A U.S. Marine shares his water canteen with a kitten found under a burned-out Japanese tank during a break in the fighting on Tarawa. November, 1943. USNI Photo.”



  1. There is water coming out of my eyes. 🙂


    Oh, that makes two of us. If that doesn’t just melt your heart!!!

  3. bad cat robot says:

    Big ole tough Marine vs. kitteh…no contest. Teh kyut always wins!

  4. D’awwwwwwwwwww!

  5. So sweet! I hope that Marine survived the war and went on to be a great dad to human and animal babies!

  6. grytlappar says:

    When you look for “vintage animuhls” on the interwebs (as you do), there seems to be no end to the soldiers at war with kitties/puppies (and the occasional goat and joey) category. From every war! There’s some psychology involved there… A need for something good and pure (sweet anumuhls) when they find themselves in a demoralizing, inhuman situation that’s impossible to deal with? It seems universal too, across cultures. It always gives me the something-in-my-eyes feels… Just look at where this poor soldier (and the kitten) finds himself, its like Armageddon! Is he giving the kitteh water from his flask? ❤ [sneef]

  7. Sharon Wilson says:

    They needed to drive that tank very slowly to Les Schwab! 🙂

  8. Blue Footed Booby says:

    The one constant of war is that all sides are made up of young men (and sometimes women!) far from home, spending their formative years facing death on a daily basis. Kittens serve as a reminder that no matter the country or the ideology, we’re all human. You can find pictures of soldiers from any nation since the invention of cameras playing with kittens. And I mean *literally* any nation.

    Kitten…kitten never changes.

  9. During a Black Lives Matter Riot,my cousin saw a officer pick up a scared kitten and safely took it to a rescue shelter.

  10. Things that arent trying to kill you,or get you killed are cute?

  11. AWW 😦 I wonder if that dear sweet kitty and the solider who gave water to him/her survived the war 😦