Can We Talk About…Wah Wah Butt?

This is usually discussed…if at hushed tones, behind closed doors. But we think it’s time to bring “Wah Wah Butt” out into the open. This is an unfortunate condition whereby certain Cats are born with a Wah Wah Head stuck onto their ‘Tocks. Hence the term….Wah Wah Butt. If you happen to see one of these cats on the street- give them a smile of encouragement. We’re all in this together, after all.


Wilson The Wah Wah and Pepper The Cat demonstrating our newest Rule, c/o William H.



  1. It is cat dog!

  2. Gina Smith says:

    Isn’t this RULE 61??

  3. I want a Wah Wah butt!!

  4. Yes, it HAS to be Rule #61 – “If you use another animal as your bed, that’s cute!”

  5. I’m glad I don’t have a wah wah butt!

  6. anonymous coward says:

    hey — isn’t this medical condition the inspiration for the catdog show on the telly (

    (yeah, i know, that was an easy one. not everybody can whip up a good pun like ‘oakley can)

  7. No wonder the cat is sleeping with its eyes open!

  8. @greg I remember that weird cartoon. My son (now 21) lived that cartoon. CatDog!