Peek A Boo—I C U

Wednesday is always a good day ANY dat is a good day for a great selection of Little Goober Kittehs from Cat House On The Kings!

4 kim 13

3 Kim 38

2 Kim 65 cal

2 Kim 54

2 Kim 28
Sent in by Harvie S.; all photos by Kim Barker.


  1. Squirrelyone says:

    Oh my goodness, that scruffy little orange baby third from the bottom!! So scruffy!!! I’m being sucked into the scruff!!!! And the curly whiskers, and the huge eyes, and – and — *explodes*

  2. Molly Mauser says:

    SQUEEE! Completely adorable! (happy sigh)

  3. Alice Shortcake says:

    He’s just washed his hair and can’t do a thing with it!

  4. Good grief, it seems that the scruffy orange baby is a magnet… would love to have that baby in my house and let him/her be my master…. along with #1 fuzzball with the irresistible muzzle… *swoon*

  5. Eleanor Sheets says:

    I love cats and kittens. I only have one. Maybe I should get another one.