It’s Nosevember In Norway, Too

Holy moly! Se på det nese! (“Holy moly! Look at that nose!”) Now that there is some massive Super Slobberknocker Action. Just…wow. Tell us, R & T:

“Dear Cute Overload, this is Aragon, also known as Snugglepumkin, or The Beast, kinda depending on his daily mood. He is a rescued great dane, who has such a fabulous nose that we felt it should be shared with the world. Happy Nosevember! Forever fans, Reidun and Thomas, Norway.”



  1. Thank you for rescuing such a lovely “beast.” He is beautiful !!

  2. fkaWaldenPond says:

    That truly is such a handsome, dignified schnozz. Thank you for sharing!

  3. With a schnozz like that, he must be king of Snoreway!

  4. Mahee Ferlini says:

    This is too funny – he probably has a hard time keeping his nose out of anybody’s business! Thanks for sharing ~

  5. Regal schnozz action.

  6. Magnificent! 😀

  7. Lovely nose!!