Bonus Wallpaper Wednesday

Got a little TOBY action for your desktop this morning! From Katy B.: “First time submitting! This is my gorgeous little guy Toby; he’s a miniature dachshund, and I think there’s no better nose for Nosevember than a dachshund schnozz!”

We agree, soooo………..

Click HERE to save the above image for your PC use.




  1. I just booped my screen. I’m not ashamed.

  2. Redonkulously cute.

  3. ” . . . had a very shiny nose . . . “

  4. @Juno – “To-by, the black-nosed dachs-hund…” it kinda works!

  5. I loff wirehaired doxies!

  6. Toby is so adorable! Boop!!