Behold Loki’s Snow Nose

“Has C.O. featured Snow Noses yet (Dog noses that become pink when it gets cold outside?) Please consider featuring my dog Loki’s Snow Nose. Thank you! Been reading C.O. since it began 🙂 .–Gayle.



  1. Wow – never heard of that one before! Very cool (so to speak).

  2. My dog gets a lighter nose during the winter – I think because of lower light levels and therefore a less tanning effect?

  3. Never heard of that before. Now we need a name for the way cats’ pink noses and ears flush VERY pink when they’re excited/scared (like at the vet’s).

  4. Well, you know what they say–snow nose is good nose. ;-D

  5. They say it’s due to the changes in the amount of daylight. Thanks for looking at his nose!