“♬ Singin’ In The Rain…Just Singin’ In The Raaaiiin….♫”

Despite what the Lions say- you’re the undisputed Lord Of The Jungle. But you’re also a bit shy and withdrawn. So that’s a conflict. But you also wanna join in with the fellas, and have a little fun. Show ’em you’re one of the gang, right?

You ponder..

Then you ponder some more.

Then…you GO FOR IT!

Gorrilla sees his buddies playing in the rain. Decides to have a go - Imgur
(Mashable via Imgur.)


  1. Love it.

  2. Bless him… he doesn’t want to get rained on. “Dignity, always dignity…” (My own Gene Kelly reference, see… 😉 )

  3. When he ran out there, the way he ran, I literally laughed out loud! Great.

  4. ShazzaNorth says:

    The rain does terrible things to my hair!

  5. so that’s what I look like when I leave work in the rain to the parking lot…….. still laughing, this is great!

  6. Sharon Wilson says:

    I love how he slicks back his hair!

  7. I’m getting a South Pacific vibe myself: I’m going wash that man right out of my hair…