World Leaders Get Catty At The G20 Summit

Given the current state of events in the world, security for world leaders at the G20 Summit is tighter than ever. Here we see G20 Security Team members making sure the area is locked down.

And free of any random rodents.



  1. Did this really happen? It’s not a parody video? If not, I’ve always said cats could fix all the world’s problems.

  2. Tony James says:

    Really happened – BBC said so, and they’re normally quite reliable. But I agree with you – cat videos could totally fix the world’s problems. If we carpet-bombed [pick your extremist group of choice] with DVDs of Maru, Simon’s Cat, and Cole & Marmalade I reckon we could achieve a peaceful outcome in short order. Sadly, since no vice-president has financial interests in these cats, we have to resort to using less effective (i.e. ineffective) means,

  3. the world would be a better place if They’d be in control. (Mice and little birds might vent a slightly different opinion…)

  4. BatBlaster says:

    Well cats should be the least of their concerns, unless someone rigged the cats with a wire (the CIA tried that once) or something.

  5. Tommie, as to mice and small birds, it depends on the cat: Suki and Shiraz (the kittehs whose home I inhabit) wouldn’t know what to do with a mouse if it grabbed them by the tail wearing an “EAT ME” neon sign.

    Then again, neither Suki nor Shiraz knows how to read. Or so they claim.

  6. Sharon Wilson says:

    Those cats are there to promote world peace! Kittehs for peace!

  7. mauderules says:

    But, but, but what were the kitties doing there in the first place? Are they rodent patrol officers? Are they karma monitors? Stress reduction therapists? I can easily wrap my brain around why they upstaged everyone, but the backstage access is what’s puzzling me. Hope they will have a good influence.