Toesday: Should This Be A New Rule?

POTENTIAL NEW RULE #61: If you use another animal as your bed, that’s cute.

Discuss in the comments- majority rules. That’s Tyson on the bottom with Magnum hunkered down on top Magnum on the bottom with Tyson hunkered down on top, from Tracey.



  1. BatBlaster says:

    Well those kitties are adorable. Yes, this should be a rule

  2. totchipanda says:

    Well, yes, I can think of several pics where this potential new rule would apply.. (tiny kitten on top of a st bernard, anyone?) BUT I am still lobbying for you “if you wear clothes, it’s cute”!

  3. I vote YES!

  4. Squirrelyone says:

    I say absolutely YES on this burning issue of our time!

  5. Frankly, I’m more concerned with Tyson’s hogging the remote.

  6. Adorable! And perfect on tummy rub Tuesday haha

  7. I think it should be “if you sleep on the TV remote, it’s cute.”

  8. It would depend on how squished the ‘bed’ animal looks.

  9. Why was this not a rule to begin with? Think of all the adorable animals sleeping on other animals!!

  10. Hmmm.. that’s kind of impossible to argue against, really. This leads to the larger question – with so very much cute in the world, how do we decide? Then again, can there ever be too much cute? Probably not. I vote YES!

  11. I’ve been wanting to bring back the “Butt Bed” for quite some time. The “Butt Bed” is when your animal friend uses your (human) butt as a bed. Since we (humans) are also animals, I think the “Butt Bed” would fit in very nicely with the “animal as bed” rule.

  12. It definitely must be a rule. 🙂

  13. 2nding butt bed/animal as bed rule adoption.

  14. Rule A-1: ANYTHING* is cute as long as all is well with CUTE OVERLOAD!

    *almost anything

  15. I vote Yes and ask why isn’t this a Rule already.

  16. Yes-Jelly beans, jelly beans toesday

  17. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I want to sleep on a bear. Is that healthy? Am I normal?

  18. YES to new rule! And nomnomnom to those kitty beans!

  19. That’s not already a rule? SHOCKING!!

  20. Definitely Yes to the new rule! It’s so sweet when animals feel safe enough with each other to use each other as a bed 💕

  21. I think we have a clear picture of how to proceed. Stand by.

  22. Oh definitely yes to the rule, though it should also be cute when critters use hoomins as beds.

  23. Why can’t my cats get along like this *sniff* I’m so jelly!

  24. Tyson and Magnum’s mom here, I vote yes to a new rule. Just a clarification. Tyson is the one sleeping on Magnum. Magnum is the one hogging the remote. Love this site and check it multiple times a day for smiles.


  26. Yes, absolutely New Rule of Cuteness!!!