Toebeans With A Side Order Of Side-Eye

[*Note: Hoomin address and phone number blacked out for Privacy Reasons. -Ed.]

“Hi! We have a little Yorkie named Inu. She’s 8 years old but still has some puppy tendencies. She’s very cute and she knows it! She’s got a little spot on the end of her nose that only adds to her cuteness. I hope she’s good enough to make onto your site! I love your site and i hope to see Inu! Thank you for your consideration, Melissa V.”



  1. Pure Cuteness!!

  2. Cute, but the name is kinda redundant

  3. No its, ands, or buts about it; Inu more than qualifies for CO.Cutie pie!

  4. That’s our pup! Thank you for posting her pic!! She’s destined for internet fame lol!