This Is Not Possible

Be careful with this one. It’ll steal your soul and won’t think twice about it.

Thanks to Leanne from Canberra, Australia.



  1. Brinke, we’ve never met, but I certainly enjoy your commentary on Cute Overload. You show a certain sensitivity and I appreciate your work. Thanks!

  2. Brinke, it’s so good to see your posts again–I was falling apart without them.

    Now the baby koala has made me fall apart, in a good way. There goes my brain again . . .

  3. LunaChickFringe says:

    YES! SO glad to see things might be back to normal. Also, I’ve seen this little doll before and it’s still keeling me ded!

  4. I love koalas anyway, but BABY koalas are off the charts! I’m always struck by the fact that unlike how so many animals change as they grow up, koalas just get bigger but look exactly the same!

  5. the handsies, the schnoz. ‘diculous. got daily qte fix. soul on loan.

  6. I want to go a-visiting with a bouquet of eucalyptus leaves.

  7. So cute! Thanks for posting.

  8. In times of insanity and violence, it’s nice to have places like Cute Overload where we can be reminded of all that is beautiful, magical, loving, silly, and fun. Thanks, C.O.

  9. Thank YOU, djdecca

  10. grytlappar says:

    I haven’t petted one (why, why???), but my mom has and she said they’re incredibly soft! Aww.

  11. Joey will take good care of my soul.

  12. And what was the most cutest??? The way she was scratching herself with her hind-foot. DED

  13. So adorable, but where’s his mommy? 😦