Teddy Zen AKA Rule Of Cuteness #48 Revisited

Nancy K. of Pembroke, New Hampsha sure nose her Rules. We have the Nose in here, some Tiny Tongue Action, some Whiskerlets (s that a word?) and of course OMGPonies!1!!1!!1!1 “For Nosevember….I submit for you an example of Rule #48: Tiny tongues are cute. Tiny being relative. This is Teddy, a quarter horse who lives at Gelinas Farm in Pembroke, NH. Whenever he takes a drink, he stares into space, sucking on his tongue for a while. His daily moment of Zen.”



  1. “…some Whiskerlets (is that a word?)” It is now!

    (Greetings Nancy, from the Seacoast)

  2. .. Pucker Up Humie ..