Squeakers Speakers UP for this one!

Why have the usual Crunch N Munch for breakfast when you can have a Wilson 3?

From Richard B.: “Thought you might like this short video of my dog Jasper enjoying the great taste of a tennis ball. Those readers who have dogs may want to turn the volume down, though, as the noise tends to drive them insane. Jasper is a pug/terrier/something mix who came to us from from Fetching Hope Rescue in Maine/Arkansas. He loves long walks, nibbling on ears (human, dog and cat) and snoozing.”



  1. He’s playing it like an instrument…and with real stage presence. A star is born!

  2. Squirrelyone says:

    OH MY GOODNESS. This video just made this the best morning ever.

  3. Super cute!

  4. Handsome, musical, and part pug! Thanks for sharing.

    My puggie pickles (RIP), would “play” her squeaky toy balls like that. She’d also would take a front paw to “nail” a toy to the floor, and then repeatedly stick her snout into the squeaker resulting in rapid, staccato squeaks, for minutes. until her snout gave out or someone told her “enough”.

  5. You’re right! My little chih/terrier, Buckey perked up and looked very interested while I was watching/hearing this video clip–so cute!

  6. Yeah no. That ball would ** accidentally ** end up in the wood chipper at my house.

    I’m keeping that puppy thoughl