Nosevember VIDEO

We rarely never get any VIDEO submissions for Nosevember, so we hafta go out and search for just the right video.

Found it.



  1. OMG! So Adorable! Must not boop and let baby puppy sleep… Must not boop and let baby puppy sleep…

  2. Too prosh for words!

  3. Would have been nice if there hadn’t been music& actually heard the little goomer.

  4. O, those liddle pink feeters! So nommable…….AND, a precious pink piglet pillow! So very very cute!!

  5. I don’t know if that was snoring, but it sure was precious!!

  6. Thunk. Just fell outta my chair overwhelmed with the cuteness oozing from this puppeh. LOVE.

  7. Muzzle powse action at 0:24!