Dateline, BIG J: Tiny Hats. For Tiny Buns.

While we’re sleeping, they’re over there cranking out Teh QTE.

This Bun is named Collon and belongs to Twitterer @goen0414, who knitted the hat.

usagi-3 (1)
Sent in by Andrew Y. as seen on RN24.


  1. i love cat and bunny.. i have petshop in my country

  2. There are no words. There are simply no words…

  3. Well, I’m gonna have to learn to knit. My four bunnies go around bareheaded, and they won’t win the bunny pageant without some supercute caps! I love that the hat goes under the chin and fastens with a red button. And ear bows!! Too, too adorable!!

  4. Please, if this doesn’t deserve a Knitted tag, what does?

  5. His kotatsu and futon are also pretty cute XD

  6. That just slays me, that’s soooo adorable. Love how his leetle paws are together in the first photo. And to be able to knit a tiny, cute hat, with ears! My bunneh wouldn’t tolerate that hat, however.

  7. Maureen Matthew says:

    I need that hat for my scottie. It is getting cold in Canada and his long ears need protection

  8. Ihave to say, I’m impressed that it stays on. My cat would turn inside out to get anything off

  9. I wonder if this goen0414 person would share a pattern. Not that I think Bugs would ever let me put a hat like that on him…

  10. Waiting for his platter of cruditées.

  11. Oh man, I hope there’s a pattern out there for this – my friend’s two bunnies need a set of these!