Attention On Deck: A New Rule Is NOW In Effect

Earlier today, we asked whether this should become Rule #61: “If you use another animal as your bed, that’s cute.” Comments below are in favor, except for BFB who wants to sleep on a bear.

“Yes, this should be a rule.” -BatBlaster.

“I say absolutely YES on this burning issue of our time!” -Squirrelyone.

“It definitely must be a rule.” -Erika.

“…I Vote YES!” -Clare.

“I want to sleep on a bear. Is that healthy? Am I normal?” -Blue Footed Booby.

“YES to new rule! And nomnomnom to those kitty beans!” -Jlamusings.

“Definitely Yes to the new rule! It’s so sweet when animals feel safe enough with each other to use each other as a bed.” -TinyChih.

Drum roll, please:



  1. Fleurdamour says:

    It’s also adorable if you sleep on the remote control. See black kitty above for illustration.

  2. So cute

  3. Awww, I love this new rule😊😊

  4. Rose McMills says:

    What about sleeping on a human (another animal). That happens a lot at my house.

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  6. What about when your pet uses you as a bed?